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Heidi Nordlund invites you to experience abundant vitality and vibrant health. Heidi is a certified Ayurvedic Doctor with multiple degrees in Ayurveda, Yoga Therapist, Spiritual Healer and Guide, Tibetan Cranial Practitioner, Postpartum Specialist and Pancha Karma Technician. She excels in her healing practice which she skillfully combines with her vast knowledge of Indian Healing Arts. For 23 years, Heidi travelled around the world to study and pursue the knowledge of masters in Ayurveda, Spiritual Healing, Yoga and Meditation. From her travels, she has obtained great knowledge and sensible application for authentic healing work. Heidi is passionate about guiding you to live life to its fullest and best potential. If you are ready to manifest your optimal self, Heidi is ready to empower, to assist, and to rejuvenate you in that pursuit.
Join this elevating Yoga Meditation Fusion retreat and experience profound healing, bliss, balance, flexibility, relaxation, chakra activation, clarity, inner peace, and deep love, connection and joy.
Participate in yoga and meditation that go beyond the postures to bring yoga, the “union” of your true Self, into every aspect of your being. Allow your body, mind and Soul to flow in harmony. Dive into the wealth of knowledge of Ayurvedic Yoga and Pranayama preparing your body for deeper spiritual practices and meditation. You will learn specific techniques that make meditation much easier and you will learn how to use meditation to transform your life and deepen your connection with your Higher Self.
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Heidi Nordlund
I feel more awake and attuned to my spirit and earthly body than I have in many, many long years!
Elizabeth B., CO
Heid’s presence emits unconditional love and you will be held in the hands and heart of a true master.
Cassie M., Sedona, AZ
Heidi not only makes you feel better physically, she raises your spirits with her knowledge and spiritual essence.
Myrna W., CO.
Heidi is absolutely amazing! I can honestly say that she changed my life. Heidi is the best yoga teacher I have ever had (I have been doing yoga for over 20 years) She teaches what I would call “true yoga” working with the internal organs and truly balancing the system.
Rebecca B., Denver, CO
My work with Heidi have taken me on a healing journey that, until now, I could not have fathomed. Heidi has helped me finally let go of so much of what has been keeping me down. I feel a sense of inner liberation. I am so grateful.
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